About Our Products

We believe in our ethical, sustainable and high quality products that we are also proud to be able to use with our child daily.  These values or attributes must also be met with affordability, something we can certainly relate to when we were looking at reusable nappies for the first time.

Whilst searching for a factory to collaborate with, we spoke with many from across the world in the UK, Romania, Turkey, India and China.  Finally we selected a lovely factory in China as our key supplier, who demonstrated to us that they work to our core values and produce brilliant hand made items.  We wanted to be assured that we weren't just being told what we wanted to hear, so we had a virtual tour and liaised with a few staff and we could soon tell their vibrancy, politeness and willingness to help wasn't just an act.  They provide many products to families and companies both locally and globally, we were very impressed to hear from other likeminded people about them.


Something we also thought about was shipping materials, so all packaging we use is recyclable. Items are checked thoroughly with manual quality control before despatching.

All of our products and materials meet the required standards, so you can ensure its safety and longevity, even with hot washes which is why our washing care label reads 60 degrees.  They are SGS tested for Formaldehyde (ISO 14184-1:2011) and Azo Dyes (EN 14362-1:2012) and a snippet of the material test results are shown below.

Note:- ND = Not Detected as per remarks.


tempsnip 2.png