How to wash cloth nappies

Before you use new reusable nappies, we recommend that they should be washed to get the best first time performance from them. Similarly to towels, nappies aren’t very absorbent and effective when new. Machine wash with a small amount of detergent on a quick wash cycle and then dry.

To store used nappies between washes, wet bags can be used.  They are made from the same waterproof materials as our nappies. We provide these in a handy travel friendly small (1-2 nappies) and large size (5-6 nappies) in our shop.  

General washing tips:-

1. Load the washing machine up to 3/4 full with nappies (Ensure the nappies are stool free before loading!) There needs to be space above the nappies so not a full drum.
2. Run a quick wash cycle with a small amount of detergent.
3. For newborns, a long 60C wash cycle should be used (2+ hours).  For babies 3+ months 40C is recommended to help longevity of the nappies.  A cotton wash or baby program on the washing machine is ideal.
4. Add a non-bio detergent, personally we use powder with our nappies as we find its more effective.
Fabric softener should not be used.
5. Dry the nappies on an airier or outside if the weather allows!  You can use a tumble dryer or dryer program on a combination machine however this must be on a low heat to avoid damage to the materials of the nappy.  You should also avoid directly drying nappies on radiators as this could ruin the PUL outer/wrap material.