Guide to night time nappies


It can be tricky to find the right balance of nappy materials for night-time use as every baby is different, and as they grow they obviously produce a larger amount of wee.   We recommend a pocket nappy with breathable waterproof PUL, the insert can be down to preference along with one or even two booster inserts. You may initially not even need a booster it depends and its a case of trialing what works for your baby.

You may find that placing your boosters in different locations within the nappy can also help your nappies last more through the night. For example, folding an insert in half at the front of the nappy can work better for little boys.

The list below explains insert or booster materials further but please contact us should you wish to find out more.

Nappies Insert/Booster Material Options:

Bamboo – Highly absorbent option that stays soft, even in hard water areas. Great all rounder.

Hemp – Ultra absorbent and fairly slow drying. Brilliant for night-time use and heavy wetters.

Microfibre – Super absorbent, but man-made, so less ‘natural’ than cotton or bamboo.

Charcoal – In between bamboo and hemp in terms of absorbency, but quicker dryer and generally better for night-time use.