Whilst travelling around the world and seeing the devastating impact of plastics and non-recyclable waste on beaches, oceans, rainforests, mountains and the countryside, it became clear to us that change was needed and should start in the basic things we do each day and how we consume materials as humans.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with our first child, that I had really thought about the waste from a baby. I realised from talking with friends how many disposable nappies we would go through and it hit a chord with us and we wanted to find a way to decrease the impact to the environment from our first born. 

That's when we started looking at reusable nappies but was initially put off by the high upfront cost outlay for quality products, so we had an idea to contact and collaborate with factories about how they could help us achieve our aim and look to share this with other parents.


Together we want to help create a more waste free, sustainable lifestyle for future generations, whilst providing a comfortable and high quality, yet affordable product.

Cezara & Nathan xx