Made by 4 layers of super soft bamboo this insert stay soft after many washes. Bamboo is antibacterial, antifungal and extra absorbent - soaks approx 60% better than cotton even its slimness.


They also work well inside other pocket nappies either on their own or as boosters. You can fold it in half to get 4 layers of absorbency or you can fold it twice to get 8 layers of absorbent fabric in the most needed place.


The bamboo insert is perfect for adding extra absorbency to any nappy especially for heavy wetters babies, night time or long nappy change stints.


The insert won't reach it's maximum absorbency until approximately 10 washes as contains lots of natural oils.

Quadruple Bamboo Insert

  • 4 layers of Bamboo

    Size: 36cm x 14cm

    Wash up to 60 degrees.

    We recommend you pre-wash these inserts on their own a few times before using them, to ensure maximum absorbency.