Pocket nappies are one size and are also known as birth-to-potty nappies (but most newborns are just too tiny to get a snug fit, so if you want to use from birth we recommend using our newborn nappies).

Most babies are comfortable in our one size nappies from about six to eight weeks or 8lb (approx 3.5kg) and they continue to fit right through to potty training.


Our pocket nappies have:


- double gussets to contain waste inside the nappy and prevent leaks

- extra soft polar fleece lining offering ultimate comfort for your babies delicate skin and its quick drying

- elasticated leg holes with a popper design that can be adjusted to suit the baby as it grows

- stay dry tummy panel for extra comfort and better fitting

- soft waterproof outer layer keeps wetness contained (PUL)


This nappy comes with two bamboo mix inserts, you can select variant options for hemp insert alternatives.

There’s a pocket at the back of the waterproof nappy, where the absorbent inserts are popped in.

The nappies can be boosted with multiple inserts for heavy wetters or night time use (for maximum absorbency performance).

All components are fully washable and made of high quality materials, so its safe to wash at 60 degrees.

For extra absorbency options, we recommend additional booster inserts via our nappy accessories page, click here.

Lush Lime Pocket Nappy

  • Nappy Outer/Wrap is made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane lining (PUL).

    Nappy Inner is made from super soft polar fleece lined.