The ultimate insert for absorbency, which makes it a favourite for night time use.  Soft but thicker texture than charcoal. When washing, these inserts take the longest to dry out of all types of insert we offer.


Fast absorbing natural cotton combined with hugely absorbent natural hemp makes the perfect partnership as cotton absorbs quickly and hemp holds larger quantities of liquid.


These inserts are special designed for heavy wetters babies, night time or long nappy change stints. These natural fabrics are naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and it holds more liquid.


Hemp won't reach it's maximum absorbency until approximately 10 washes as contains lots of natural oils. Hemp fabric is super soft when it's new due to these natural oils but as these oils are washed away the fabric will go harder.


It is normal for hemp to shrink slightly when you first wash it so just stretch out after washing to maintain the size and shape.


For use with our Pocket Nappies.

Quadruple Natural Hemp Insert

  • 4 layers with the following composition:

    55% Natural Hemp  45% Natural Cotton

    Size: 36cm x 14cm

    Wash up to 60 degrees.

    We recommend you pre-wash these inserts on their own a few times before using them, to ensure maximum absorbency.